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I've been about to implement an AWS remote session management solution and I've been reading others experiences on the Internet.

From my readings I gather that ElasticCache is noticabily faster for PHP Session Management but all sessions could be lost if ElasticCache crashed, ran out of room, AWS maintance period etc and this would cause all users to logout which is overly desired.

Question: would it be possible to use both ElasticCache and DynamoDB at the same time?

I can see both have a php handler that appears simple to setup but would it be possible (or realistic) to use ElasticCache for sessions but backup to DynamoDB at the same time and then check DynamoDB if a sessions isn't present?


Any opinions on the speed difference between ElasticCache & DynamoDB for PHP Session Management?

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No need to combine ElasticCache and DynamoDB. Just use PHP session handler over Redis. It is very fast, stable and data is backed to disk by default.

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good idea - was planning to use built in AWS solutions if possible... –  user1105192 Dec 27 '12 at 3:53
We use it in Production and it works very good. –  Roman Newaza Dec 27 '12 at 3:55

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