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I have a social networking app. I have a button and based on the click on the button I need to show a small icon on the top right corner of the button. it is a custom color and text. I know to show the default system number icon for like the one for unread mail you can get it from the shared application badge count. But I am trying to do something custom here.

I am thinking of building my own imageview (its background will be a custom png) and then within it a small text to show the number.

Anyone has experience with this and can recommend a better way?

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You can add a imageView with badge image as the subvie of that button.

There is a lot of custom badge controls available.

Please check the following links.

  1. jobadgeview
  2. CustomBadge
  3. Badge
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You cannot change anything on the home screen besides for the app icon, name, and badge value. Do you mean on the home screen or on a tab bar?


If you mean a badge in the app, not on the homescreen, checkout @MidhunMP's answer to find links on how to do this. I have used before successfully.

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no I am not trying to change a badge on home screen, but recreate that behavior on a UIButton I have in my own app. – Kalamantina Dec 27 '12 at 4:53

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