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Wondering why my routes don't work with what was described in the rails guide. takes me to the root_path, and not admin::pages#home.

The first approach works though. Which was taken from Railscast.


match '', to: 'pages#home', constraints: lambda { |r| r.subdomain.present? && r.subdomain != 'www' }

# does NOT work!

namespace :admin do
  constraints :subdomain => "admin" do
    root :to => 'pages#home'

I have everything setup in /etc/hosts. It looks like: localhost
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Since your route is inside a namespace, the correct page that would take you to admin::pages#home would be Remove the namespace to connect correctly.

In general, if you're ever confused what routes are being generated and how to get to them, use rake routes. And for more on namespacing routes (and why you might not want to use namespaces in situations like this), check out the Rails routing guide.

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