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on form i have two button cancel and save. when i modify the data in form after search and press save, its work fine and data saved. But when i press cancel and go to seach control its show the changed value (which i have cancel). My question is that how i can protect nhibernate to show only DB value not temperory content or cache?

problem is that i have nothing doing on cancal button except of assigning panel to null i.e gpanel.Datacontext=null; actually issue is that when i searched the record from search control (by double click on record), all fields are populated. Now if change the content of any field/textbox and press cancell and open search window again it show the modification which is wrong. Did nhibernate perform this type of functionality? that he maintain the updated data himself. When I stop the application and run again it show the actually DB value not that list time. please help Can you guide me clone functionality and implementation if that help in this issue.

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Google on a the manual for ISession.

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