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I need to compare the FPS between phones from diffrent manufacturers. I will be using default phone applications such as Contacts.exe, Browser and SMS applications. I read from the forum that there is setting to enable the FrameRateCounter widget which application developer can enable to measure FPS for his application.

Application.Current.Host.Settings.EnableFrameRateCounter = true;

But since all applications that I am trying to use for performance measurement are default (no source code), can we enable this feature globally and check FPS for any application that we launch globally?


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There is no way to activate this setting on a global scale. To benchmark different phones, you'll probably have to make your own multi-purpose app to test the scenarios you're interested in. Note that there's already a few benchmark apps available on the MarketPlace.

As a side note, Application.Current.Host.Settings.EnableFrameRateCounter is a Silverlight setting, while Contacts.exe is a native app. So even if there was a way to activate the setting globally, it wouldn't work for this specific app.

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Hi, Thanks for the information. Yeah I am planning have my own applicaiton that tests various scenarios. Can you give market place application names that do similar performance test on Windows Phone 8? – user1187176 Dec 28 '12 at 10:42
Also I am looking for app launch timing calculator. Is it possible by some means to calculate the application launch timings? Again how can we use this method on default applications? Native/Managed? Any way to log the timings? – user1187176 Dec 28 '12 at 10:46

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