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As I am new to magento, I have downloaded magento sample data to mysql database. In the browser if i give the REST URL like this: it returns the list of products in XML format. But i want the details of a single product. Then what I have to do?? is the url I got from the magento site.. But they havent give for the product details.

Do i need to wirte any code for my reqiurement??

For it shows access denied... How can i get resolve of this..


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please go thoroughly wiki of magento, it might help you.here is the link.

For single product your REST request would be as follows magentohost/api/rest/products/8 where 8 is the id of product.

For second question i.e "Accessed denied" is this due to permission , you have create consumer for admin or customer to get that resource. please check here

Thank u chanz.. 1st answer is working... but for the localhost/api/rest/customers it has to show all the customers list.. but it shows access denied... I have given "resource access: All" for everyone... But it wont work –  Pavan Kumar Dec 27 '12 at 9:48
My images are in the magento root folder. when I give localhost/api/rest/products/166 it shows the image url tag also. but when i give localhost/api/rest/166/images, it shows only '<magento_api/>'... I mean that it says null..but how it shows image url tag when we gave only Id.????? –  Pavan Kumar Dec 27 '12 at 10:07
sorry that should not happen as far i am concern it should show the images for the following url. I have tested in my magento is it is showing fine there. –  chanz Dec 27 '12 at 11:21

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