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Let's say I have a program like this

// print-addresses.cpp
#include <stdio.h>

void foo() { }

void bar() { }

void moo() { }

int main(int argc, const char** argv) {
  printf("%p\n", foo);
  printf("%p\n", bar);
  printf("%p\n", moo);
  return 0;

It prints some numbers like


How do I convert those numbers back into the correct symbols? Effectively I'd like to be able to do this

print-addresses > address.txt
addresses-to-symbols < address.txt

And have it print


I know this has something to do with the Debug Interface Access SDK but it's not entirely clear to me how I go from an address to a symbol.

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This seems like exactly what you're looking for: Retrieving Symbol Information by Address. This uses DbgHelp.dll and relies on calling SymFromAddr. You have to do that (I think) from within the running application, or by reading in a minidump file.

You can also use the DIA, but the calling sequence is a bit more complicated. Call IDiaDataSource::loadDataForExe and IDiaDataSource::openSession to get an IDiaSession, then IDiaSession::getSymbolsByAddr to get IDiaEnumSymbolsByAddr. Then, IDiaEnumSymbolsByAddr::symbolByAddr will let you look up a symbol by address. There is also a way (shown in the example at the last link) to enumerate all symbols.

EDIT: This DIA sample application might be a good starting point for using DIA: . Particularly check out the parts using IDiaEnumSymbolsByAddr.

You could also parse the output of dumpbin, probably with /SYMBOLS or /DISASM option.

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as far as I can tell none of these solution actually answer the question. I happen to know that data in dumpbin is not enough. Your first answer requires being run in the original program. The middle answer might work but it's not clear. – gman Jan 9 '13 at 7:51
@gman: I'm sorry, could you let me know what isn't clear about the middle answer? The first answer does work from outside the program, you just need to generate a minidump file and load it. – Alex I Jan 9 '13 at 9:30

if you are in linux, you could try addr2line

addr2line addr -e execuablebin -f
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