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I need to parse HL7 message ,firstly ,validate the message and then parse.

 XMLParser xmlParser = new DefaultXMLParser();

 //encode message in XML 
 String hl7MessageInXML = null;
 try {
        hl7MessageInXML = xmlParser.encode(message);
 } catch (HL7Exception e) {
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This works for : MSH|^~\&|Meg|XYZHospC|SurOE|XYCtr|20060529090131-050||ADT^A01^ADT_A01|01052901|P‌​|2.5 EVN||200605290901||||200605290900 PID|||56782445^^^UAReg^PI||KLEINSAMPLE^BARRY^Q^JR||19620910|M||2-9^^HL70005^RA93‌​^^XYZ|260 GOODWIN CREST DRIVE^^BIRMINGHAM^AL^35 209^^M~NICKELL’S PICKLES^10000 W 100TH AVE^BIRMINGHAM^AL^35^^O |||||||0105I30001^^^99DEF^AN PV1||I|W^389^1^UABH^^^^3||||12345^MORGAN^REX^J^^^MD^0010^UAMC^L||678 90^GRAINGER^LUCY^X^^^MD^0010^UAMC^L|MED|||||A0||13579^POTTER^SHER MAN^T^^^MD^0010^UAMC^L|||||||||||||||||||||||||||200605290900 OBX|1|NM|^Body Height||1.80|m^Meter^ISO+|||||F –  MaNn Dec 27 '12 at 6:30
What have you tried? –  Karna Dec 27 '12 at 6:30
good for you, where's the question? –  Denis Tulskiy Dec 27 '12 at 6:30
Its not working for other HL7 messages –  MaNn Dec 27 '12 at 6:59

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Example code:

import ca.uhn.hl7v2.parser.*;
import ca.uhn.hl7v2.model.Message;
import ca.uhn.hl7v2.model.v24.message.ACK;

public class ParserDemo {

    public static void main(String args[]) {
        //for demo purposes, we just declare a literal message string 
        String ackMessageString 
            = "MSH|^~\\&|foo|foo||foo|200108151718||ACK^A01^ACK|1|D|2.4|\rMSA|AA\r";

        //instantiate a PipeParser, which handles the "traditional encoding" 
        PipeParser pipeParser = new PipeParser();

        try {
            //parse the message string into a Message object 
            Message message = pipeParser.parse(ackMessageString);

            //if it is an ACK message (as we know it is),  cast it to an 
            // ACK object so that it is easier to work with, and change a value            
            if (message instanceof ACK) {
                ACK ack = (ACK) message;

            //instantiate an XML parser 
            XMLParser xmlParser = new DefaultXMLParser();

            //encode message in XML 
            String ackMessageInXML = xmlParser.encode(message);

            //print XML-encoded message to standard out
        } catch (Exception e) {
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Can you help me in parsing this –  MaNn Dec 27 '12 at 10:59

Try using HAPI Parser api (http://hl7api.sourceforge.net/). Here you can find some examples about parsing HL7 messages:



Hope it helps

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