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i have old code which didnt use TDD now i want to write a test for a function which looks like this

function somefunction($someargs){
    // do a few checks on $someargs
    $database = new DB_PG();
    $result = $database->select($query);
    // do some changes on result
    return $result;

since im not much expirienced with phpunit and testing in general my question is: how can i mock DB_PG? i tried getMock() in my test, but since the function uses "new" to get an instance my mock object is ignored, which makes sense

so i see only 2 options

  1. some features of phpunit i dont know - which is the reason i ask here ^^
  2. i have to modify the old code - which i know would be better

so, anyone knows an answer for option 1?

thx all

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How are you configuring this test? Have you read this article on test doubles? Is this a standalone function, or is it a method which is part of a wider class? What do your tests (using getMock) look like? – Simon Scarfe Sep 10 '09 at 13:02
* what do you mean by configuring? * yeah i know this article, but im not sure whats your point here? * its a standalone function i want to test and a test it try to get run looks like this function test_someFunctionFailed(){ $pgmock = $this->getMock('DB_PG',array('select')); $pgmock->expects($this->any()) ->method('select') ->will($this->returnValue(null)) $rval = somefunction(); $this->assertNull($rval); } currently this results in Fatal error: Call to undefined method DB_PG::select() in ... – John Doe Sep 10 '09 at 13:18
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Can you change the function to work as follows:

function someFunc($existingArgs, $db = null)
    $db = (is_null($db)) = new DB_PG();
    $result = $db->select($query)

    $return $result;

This way you can pass in a db instance, this lets you at least test this function, in the future you can refactor things such that someFunc's work is on models, and the db load stuff happens via a dao/repository/factory.


If DB_PG isn't already pulled in via a require/include in the file where this function lives, you can define a dummy class inside your test class

class DB_PG
    public function select($query)
        //use phpunit's libs to output a mock object, you'll need to use the PHPUnit_Framework_Mock::generate() static method, I think that's the name.
        return $mockResult;

That way you can control what happens with the result.

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