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Can someone explain to me how to use this function?

Tempo closes registration after three days and I would like to expand that to 14 days. However, I can't figure out how to do that.

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  1. Open the Administration.
  2. Go to the Tempo Section
  3. Go to the scheduler sub-section
  4. There is an explanatory table there with an "Operations" row. Click the "edit" link

Congratulations you're now in one of the most-confusing JIRA configuration sections! :D

So in your case:

  • Set type do Biweekly.
  • Set Repeat on (Weekly) to Friday.
  • Set Close to 1 (working days after end date)
  • Set the status reminders for all users and late users.
  • Set Send email to late users to X hours (before closure). The X should be the value you like.
  • Check the Activate This Scheduler check-box in order to make the settings active.
  • Save

Now your period will be closed every two weeks. For further information consult the Tempo Documentation on The Scheduler and PeriodManagement.

There is also the subject of GracePeriods. So what this means is that

If a period has been closed for users by the Scheduler and some users has not completed their timesheets, Tempo Admin can grant the users a 'Grace Period' of any length from the 'User Action' list in the 'Team Timesheet' and 'Project Timesheet'.

How to use it is very well explained in the Tempo Documentation link I provided.

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wow thanks, i gave up on this question long ago and never cheched! Borislav you are the man! –  no9 Jan 9 '13 at 11:38

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