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I moved from jquery.address library to history.js and now facing the problem with getting parameters in case of page's full refresh. The code looks like:

function onStateChange(updateSearchQuery) {
    var params = History.getState();
    if ( != null) {
        editedId = 0;
    else if ( {
        editedId =;
    else {
        currentPage = parseInt( || 1;
        searchQuery = || '';
        if (updateSearchQuery)
            $('input[name="query"]', '#search-form').val(searchQuery);
History.Adapter.onDomLoad(function() {

It works fine while changing the state programatically i.e. with History.pushState, but I want to handle the situation when user refreshes the page with url: - is there any built-in methods or ways to get this id parameter?

Thank you

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You should use the function pointed here.

How can I get query string values?

Pass "id" as the value.

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But is it a good practice? I mean in such case I don't have page's title data too. – nKognito Dec 27 '12 at 7:51

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