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im using subsonic activerecord and everything is fine and i get no error but when i update a database, it never seems to actually happen, can anyone spot anything i am missing here?! ta


var myquote = createNewQuote();

var gross = 36.00;

myquote.totalcost = gross;  // set the new value in my model

UpdateModel(myquote); // update the model, something to do with dirty columns??

if(ModelState.IsValid) // check to make sure i have no errors in my model after changing it
            myquote.Update(); // command that is supposed to update the database????

i have put a break point on UpdateModel and looked into the model and the value is in the model as directed, i get no error and modelstate is valid too, but when i look into the database the totalcost has not actually been changed for that record????

i have also tried .Save() but this too does not seem to change anything ?????

am a little puzzled

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it seems that even though i have a newquote becuase i created it, i then have to select what i already have, then set my new value then save !!!!! bizarre way of doing thing ????? if(ModelState.IsValid) { var newQuote = new_online_quote.SingleOrDefault(x => x.quoteid == myquote.quoteid); newQuote.totalcost = gross; newQuote.Save(); } – davethecoder Sep 10 '09 at 14:16
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not sure if this fixes your problem but I know there a few bugs fixed here that helped me out with a few isssues I was having.


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yeah they where mainly bugs with bool, and double etc have applied latest stuff but will have another look...... i have seen something about a Guid() and think it could be something to do with that but not sure how to apply it to this specific code when i have just created a new quote rather than selecting...... maybe you have to add, then select and then update ?????? – davethecoder Sep 10 '09 at 13:38

There was a bug introduced in that I removed quickly with that inhibited updates in certain scenarios with ActiveRecord. Our current version is - you should update.

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sorry i meant the 1 was a mistake, the dll info shows as .3 if you want to see the full code then let me know. ta – davethecoder Sep 10 '09 at 19:47

Subsonic is not yet stable.. You will end up wasting your time googling around.. (peace!)

to solve your problem try this.


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