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In my flex app I have custom tooltips on buttons that hide and show based on user context. The problem that I dealing with is that when I call my showTips() function I only want to show tooltips on the buttons that visible in the view. So buttons that on a un-selected tab (tabNavigator) should not show the tooltips. For some reason all tooltips are showing. Is there a way to detect if a button is not in current view, like on a un-selected tab?

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If you gave us some code I could check this out, but would this work?

if(button.parent.visible) { showTip(button);}
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Instead of custom coding for each button, make use your tabnavigator's creation policy is set to "auto".

Check this link for more details

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Well, since I am using faBridge, I nned the creationPolicy="all". But what I am looking for is something in the displayList (maybe) that tells me if the button instance is in user's current view. – CodeQrius Sep 10 '09 at 15:40

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