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I need to send data from EditText in activity A to Activity B. I tried:

Intent intent1=new Intent(A.this,B.class);
intent1.putExtra("fromA", "text");

But It doesn't work, because activity B has android:launchMode="singleTask" and was created before.

How else, can I send data?

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You override onNewIntent() in the Activity B and receive the intent in that method.

Like below code:

protected void onNewIntent(Intent i)
  String s = i.getStringExtra("fromA");

In the above code you will get value to s from Activity A.

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You can do this by iPhone way. Create a class where you can set data before starting new activity and access the same data from new activity.

This will work as follows

  1. There are two activities FirstActivity and SecondActivity
  2. Data to be send is first name and last name

so there will be one class where you will have variable for the data

 public class DataTransporter{
      public static String firstName;
      public static String lastName;

In first activity your code will be

 DataTransporter.firstName = "abc";
 DataTransporter.lastName = "xyz"; 
 Intent intent = new Intent(FirstActivity.this,SecondActivity.class)

In second activity you can fetch this data

 protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState){
   String first = DataTransporter.firstName;
   String last = DataTransporter.lastName;

You can remove the data from transporter class (if needed) once fetched.

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Thank you for useful advice! –  user1884872 Dec 27 '12 at 8:53

I prefer using SharedPreferences to save my data and use it throughout my classes , plus they will be saved to the device , making them available even after the app is killed ... Here is an example for ya !

//Some String that I should remember, I am just using the package name for now
String app = this.getPackageName();/*This is going to be used more like a file to save my stuff to*/
//Setting our sharedpreferences
SharedPreferences sha = sha = getApplicationContext().getSharedPreferences(app, SherlockActivity.MODE_PRIVATE);

String myString = "This is the String that you want to save so you can use among your classes"

//Now we call in an editor for that SharedPreferences so we can write and delete stuff from it .

Editor edit = sha.edit();

//Now we insert our String.
edit.putString("Something_you_can_remember" , myString);//You will need the "Something_you_can_remember" a few lines ahead , so remember it !
edit.apply(); //Or we can use edit.commit() , but I prefer apply()

//Now our String is saved ! So lets read it !

String whatever = sha.getString("Something_you_can_remember" , "The String incase myString didn't even exist , saves you from a NullPointerException");

//Here we go ! Now we have our String saved and can be readable among the classes !

Also , if you wanted to delete that String or whatever you "put" in there , you can call

edit.remove("Something_you_can_remember"); //or edit.clear() to remove all the values stored !

Hope this helps !

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