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How to set the background of several cells within a row (or of a whole row) in OpenXml?

Having read several articles:

  1. Coloring cells in excel sheet using openXML in C#
  2. Advanced styling in Excel Open XML

I still cannot make it work.

My task is actually at first glance seems to be somewhat easier and a little bit different from what is written in those articles. The mentioned tutorials predominantly show how to create a new document and style it. While I need to change the styling of the existing one.

That is, I have an existing xlsx document (a report template). I populate the report with the necessary values (managed to do it thanks to SO open xml excel read cell value and MSDN Working with sheets (Open XML SDK)). But next I need to mark several rows with, say, red background.

I am neither sure whether to use CellStyle nor if I should use CellFormat or something else...This is what I have got up to now:

SpreadsheetDocument doc = SpreadsheetDocument.Open("ole.xlsx", true);

Sheet sheet = (Sheet)doc.WorkbookPart

WorksheetPart worksheetPart = (WorksheetPart)doc.WorkbookPart
Worksheet worksheet = worksheetPart.Worksheet;

CellStyle cs = new CellStyle();
cs.Name = StringValue.FromString("Normal");
cs.FormatId = 0;
cs.BuiltinId = 0;
//where are the style values?

WorkbookStylesPart wbsp = doc.WorkbookPart

Cell cell = GetCell(worksheet, "A", 20);
cell.StyleIndex = 1U;//get the new cellstyle index somehow


Actually I would greatly appreciate a more light-weight and easy example of how to style, say, cell A20 or range from A20 to J20. Or probably a link to some more consecutive tutorial.

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In the end I changed my mind to use cell background and used fonts. Thanks to answer by foson in SO Creating Excel document with OpenXml sdk 2.0 I managed to add a new Font and a new CellFormat, having preserved the original cell's formatting (i.e. having changed the font color only):

SpreadsheetDocument doc = SpreadsheetDocument.Open("1.xlsx", true);
Sheet sheet = (Sheet)doc.WorkbookPart.Workbook.Sheets.FirstOrDefault();
WorksheetPart worksheetPart = (WorksheetPart)doc.WorkbookPart
Worksheet worksheet = worksheetPart.Worksheet;

WorkbookStylesPart styles = doc.WorkbookPart.WorkbookStylesPart;
Stylesheet stylesheet = styles.Stylesheet;
CellFormats cellformats = stylesheet.CellFormats;
Fonts fonts = stylesheet.Fonts;

UInt32 fontIndex = fonts.Count;
UInt32 formatIndex = cellformats.Count;

Cell cell = GetCell(worksheet, "A", 19);
cell.CellValue = new CellValue(DateTime.Now.ToLongTimeString());
cell.DataType = new EnumValue<CellValues>(CellValues.String);

CellFormat f = (CellFormat)cellformats.ElementAt((int)cell.StyleIndex.Value);

var font = (Font)fonts.ElementAt((int)f.FontId.Value);
var newfont = (Font)font.Clone();
newfont.Color = new Color() { Rgb = new HexBinaryValue("ff0000") };

CellFormat newformat = (CellFormat)f.Clone();
newformat.FontId = fontIndex;


cell.StyleIndex = formatIndex;
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