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I'm looking for a way to combine 2 XPath selectors into 1 to use in Selenium IDE, so I can check if an element with a certain ID has a certain class.

These 2 selectors do work but aren't narrowing enough to do an assertElementPresent on.

xpath= .//*[contains (@class,'ui-tabs-hide')]
xpath= .//*[@id='${newTableID}']

I've unsuccesfully tried following XPath

xpath= .//*[contains (@class,'ui-tabs-hide')]/*[@id='${newTableID}']

Can anyone help me out on this one please?



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        and contains(concat(' ', @class, ' '), ' ui-tabs-hide ')]

Do note how contains() is specified. This guarantees that elements with classnames having the wanted class name as prefix or as suffix, will not be selected.

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Okay... x-mass is still making my head a bit fuzzy...

xpath=.//*[@id='${newTableID}' and contains (@class,'ui-tabs-hide')]

was the way to go

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