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I use rangy highlight selection text (it wrap selection text by a span tag). But when i select text and image, it generate a span tag but span can't wrap img tag. it append before img tag.

My code

cssApplier = rangy.createCssClassApplier("highlight", {
                        ignoreWhiteSpace: true,
                        elementTagName: "span",
                        elementProperties: {
                            id: randomId,
                            onclick: function () {
                                return false;

i change elementTagName to div but no change.

<span id="1356599579267" class="highlight current">
<img type="photo" title="" templatetype="default" style="width:200px " src="http://sohanews2.vcmedia.vn/k:2012/1350782211-hongque_thoitrang_eva--3--f7897/my-nhan-showbiz-va-lo-hong-ve-tam-nhan-thuc.jpg" rel="http://sohanews2.vcmedia.vn/2012/1350782211-hongque_thoitrang_eva--3--f7897.jpg" photoid="24109" id="img_24109" alt="">

So, how to wrap img or object tag or input tag. by highlight element by rangy?

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The CSS class applier module only works on text nodes, which is by design. However, I can see the value, so I intend to do something about it. There are two open issues in the Rangy bug tracker on this:

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