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I used railsinstaller to install rails into OS Windows. To work with project I use Aptana. And I want to use gem "thinking-sphinx", "~> 2.0.13" into my project.

When I started indexes - rake thinking_sphinx:index - I have a mistake

Sphinx cannot be found on your system. You may need to configure the following
settings in your config/sphinx.yml file:
  * bin_path
  * searchd_binary_name
  * indexer_binary_name


  port: 9312
  config_file: "RAILS_ROOT/config/development.sphinx.conf"
  searchd_log_file: "RAILS_ROOT/log/searchd.log"
  query_log_file: "RAILS_ROOT/log/searchd.query.log"
  pid_file: "RAILS_ROOT/log/"
  bin_path: '/usr/local/bin'
  searchd_binary_name: 'searchd'
  indexer_binary_name: 'indexer'
  port: 9313
  port: 9312

How to use sphinx via gem in Windows?

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Sphinx isn't a gem, but a separate program that thinking sphinx is a interface to.

Windows installation ripon instructions are on the sphinx website here -

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