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I googled alot and couldn't come up with an answer...

I'm using the tutorial-skeleton application. It automatically includes under 'view/album/album' the html files corresponding to my actions like add or index.

I'm using a submodule and the standard loading won't find my html-files. I followed this guide for setting a custom template path. This works for the index because here I use a ViewModel instance.

But my add/delete/edit actions just return an array like this one.

Is there a way to tell Zend that it should use a different directory to look for the views?

PS: I also tried this injectTemplate approach but no luck. It just sets the Controller namespace/path which is ok in my case.

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This was an project specific issue...

I used MasterData as top namespace. When creating the directory tree in my module\MasterData\view I wrote masterdata instead of master-data. This caused the not finding of my views.

A dumb one... I know.

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It's not dumb, it's simply things that are not really the most intuitive to starters. Every name inside the framework will be sanitized. Meaning: every key/name will be lowercase only. CamelCase turns into dash-separated-lowercase – Sam Dec 27 '12 at 12:15
Yes true, me too faced this issues and pulled my hairs for three days and finally found this digging the zendframework code – Raj Dec 27 '12 at 14:57

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