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I already posted this on wordpress.org and im hoping il get quicker response in stackoverflow.

Problem: Suddenly the menus disappeared in nav menus page. and got this error

ReferenceError: postboxes is not defined

... i tried deactivating/activating plugins, and it appears this happens when both Contact form 7 and Types plugins are activated. But this only happens on a specific server, it works fine on my development server.

Some suggestions were to increase the memory limit and changing files/folders permissions but all didn't resolved the issue.

Thanks guys!

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It was caused by plugin. Deactivated all unecessary plugins, then it started to work properly

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Thanks for the help. I did it and found out Contact form 7 and Types plugin are the issues. Those two are very important to my site. I cannot disable either of them. –  user1917451 Dec 27 '12 at 15:08

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