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today is 27th Dec 2012 and I just got my Beagle Bone board from RS Components. Once I got into the device Cloud9 IDE... I chosed the blinkingleds.js sample AND clicked RUN. It does running and I tried to stop it (running process) , yet the machine refused. Somehow, I saw the Tour button AND upon clicked on this button... the entire source codes under the Cloud9 folder were deleted!

Bingo, I need another copy of the entire files (that used to be available) under the Cloud9 tree/folder in Beagle Bone. How do I get that copy? Thanks

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The Bonescript library with samples is available from http://github.com/jadonk/bonescript. If you can get your BeagleBone on your network and login to a console prompt, you can:

cd /var/lib/cloud9
git stash
git pull

That should get you to the latest code.

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Thanks. Can it be done on USB connectivity to my laptop? –  sam desd Dec 30 '12 at 5:34
You'd need to share the internet connection to the USB. Most operating systems provide Internet Connection Sharing. You could also clone the git repo to your computer add a git remote on your BeagleBone and pull from there. –  Jadon Jan 7 '13 at 15:47

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