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I have following structure of commits/branches:

*   03dd257 - (HEAD, solutions) ...
| * 7976266 - (master) ...
* | 9ce9158 - ...
* d2a4d81 - ...

My flow is:

  • commit d2a4d81 (master)
  • create branch solutions
  • commit 9ce9158 (solutions)
  • commit 7976266 (master)
  • merge master to solutions (commit 03dd257)
  • ammend commit 7976266 on master

Now my commit is different on master and solutions. How can I safely update commit 7976266 on branch solutions?

These are all local changes so there is should be no problem with pushing once I solve this locally.

I have further changes on solutions branch so I can't simply reset to 9ce9158 and merge again.

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I think a simple merge will be ok if you are not care about the commit content. – pktangyue Dec 28 '12 at 10:16

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If you do, merge commit will still point to old (not amended) commit, and your tree will look like this:

|   *  XXXXXXX - amended commit
*   |  03dd257 - (HEAD, solutions) ...
|\  |
| * | 7976266 - (old master) ...
* |/ 9ce9158 - ...
* d2a4d81 - ...

What you might want to do is reset solutions branch back to before merge and do a new merge. If you haven't published anything yet (and since you amend stuff, you probably didn't), it's OK to do so.

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It's not really what I want, since I have some other commits after 03dd257 and don't want to loose them. Actually I did reset because it was only one small commit but for future it would be nice to have a better solution. – Adam Pierzchała Jan 6 '13 at 11:00

Let's say the new commit generated by amending 7976266 is 7976266-v2.

I presume you want changes in 7976266-v2 appears in solutions too, without complicating the graph too much.

First, create a amend branch at 7976266-v2:

git branch amend 7976266-v2

Then 'rebase' changes between 7976266 and 7976266-v2 onto solution

git rebase --onto solutions 7976266 amend

This should create a new commit after 03dd257, which contains changes between 7976266 and 7976266-v2, and is pointed to by amend branch now.

  * sth_new - (amend)
*   03dd257 - (solutions) ...
| * 7976266 - (master) ...
* | 9ce9158 - ...
* d2a4d81 - ...

Now you can merge amend onto solutions when you want.

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finally i didn't use it, i reseted to 9ce9158 and merged one more time. However, as far as I can see your answer partially solves the problem, so I can accept it if only you update the 'diagram' of branches, which would look like in aragaer's answer (correct me if I'm wrong) – Adam Pierzchała Jan 6 '13 at 11:03
I believe this is what we can get using rebase. To my understanding, what it does is to find the latest common ancestor of 2 commits (d2a4d81), copy span of path (7976266 -- d2a4d81 -- amend ) onto solutions by replaying changes, and point amend to tip of sth_new. – Jokester Jan 6 '13 at 11:54

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