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I am writing a webapp and I would like to start charging my users. What are the recommended billing platforms for a python/Django webapp?

I would like something that keeps track of my users' purchase history, can elegantly handle subscription purchases, a la carte items, coupon codes, and refunds, makes it straightforward to generate invoices/receipts, and can easily integrate with most payment processors. Extra points if it comes with a fancy admin interface.

I found this django-billing project, are there any others? Also, do you rely on your payment processor to handle these tasks or do you do all of them yourself?

Note: I am not asking what payment processors to use, but rather what middleware/libraries one should run on their webapp itself.

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That's a tall order. I implemented a portion of what you're asking for at work but it's closed-source. When I started on the project a year ago I couldn't find anything worth building on. –  Mike Sandford Dec 28 '12 at 20:18

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The koalixcrm is perhaps something you could start with.

It offers some of your required functionality. Still it is in a prealpha stage but it already provides PDF export for Invoices and Quotes, there is already one included plugin for subscriptions.

also try the demo

As i am the developer of the koalixcrm im very interested to work with you - perhaps we can merge our projects.

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