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I have a MyFile.xml whose contents are as below

        <Amt Ccy="EUR">13</Amt>
                some other tags
             <Amt Ccy="SGD">10</Amt>
      <Amt Ccy="EUR">10</Amt>

I have script file whose contents are as below

result = `awk '/<Main>/ { f=1 } f && /Amt/ { split($0,a,/[<>]/); s+=a[3] } /<\/Main>/ { f=0 } END {print  s }' MyFile.xml`
echo "The result is " $result

But i am getting output as

result: 0653-690 Cannot open =.
result: 0653-690 Cannot open 23.
The result is

My Expected output is

The result is 23

Please help..

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When assigning variables there should be no spaces on either side of the =.

Change to:

result=`awk '/<Main>/ { f=1 } f && /Amt/ { split($0,a,/[<>]/); s+=a[3] } /<\/Main>/ { f=0 } END {print  s }' MyFile.xml`
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Thanks its working perfectly – user1929905 Dec 27 '12 at 11:19

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