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When I have an <img> that is smaller than the original image, will the file automatically be resized? Or will the user have to load the entire image?

For example, I have giant wallpaper files, but I only show thumbnails that are 100px by 100px. Am I doing something inefficiently by just setting the <img> width and height to 100px?

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Yes you have to load the whole image even if you set the img to 1x1 px – wakooka Dec 27 '12 at 11:45
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Yes. The browser has to download the entire image file and then scale it.

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Yes, whole image will load and then scaling will be there.

Why don't you search before asking a simple question. If you google it you can easily get this answer.

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I would suggest next time please do some Google and practice it on any editor before you ask any questions that will give you hands on experience.

Answer :- Whole image will be loaded and whole image will be automatically re-sized, Yes it is not good practice to use big amount of size to small scale of image height and width

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