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I have a xml like below

                <TtlIntrBkSttlmAmt Ccy="EUR">0.0</TtlIntrBkSttlmAmt>

I need to extract the value of each tag value in separate variables using awk command. how to do it?

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Parsing XML using regexes is not good. –  user529758 Dec 27 '12 at 11:59

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You can use awk as shown below, however, this is NOT a robust solution and will fail if the xml is not formatted correctly e.g. if there are multiple elements on the same line.

$ dt=$(awk -F '[<>]' '/IntrBkSttlmDt/{print $3}' file)
$ echo $dt

I suggest you use a proper xml processing tool, like xmllint.

$ dt=$(xmllint --shell file <<< "cat //IntrBkSttlmDt/text()" | grep -v "^/ >")
$ echo $dt
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Thanks it works –  user1929905 Dec 27 '12 at 12:47

below code stores all the tag values in an array!hope this helps. But i still belive this is not an optimal way to do it.

> perl -lne 'if(/>[^<]*</){$_=~m/>([^<]*)</;push(@a,$1)}if(eof){foreach(@a){print $_}}' temp
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The following gawk command uses a record separator regex pattern to match the XML tags. Anything starting with a < followed by at least one non-> and terminated by a > is considered to be a tag. Gawk assigns each RS match into the RT variable. Anything between the tags will be parsed as the record text which gawk assigns to $0.

gawk 'BEGIN { RS="<[^>]+>" } { print RT, $0 }' myfile
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