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I have a div with an anchor and icon.

<a id="createWave_addStation"><img class="createWaveToolBarImg" 

I drag this and want to drop it on an OpenLayers map. Because img's have draggable as default, I don't set it here. Now When I drag the icon, the img does not get dragged along so I only see the cursor. How can I show the icon od the dragged thing. This is my code, but it doesnt work.

$('#createWave_addStation').bind("dragstart", function(ev){
        console.log("drag start");
        var dragIcon = document.createElement('img');
        dragIcon.src = ICO_STATION;
        dragIcon.width = 100;
        ev.originalEvent.dataTransfer.setDragImg(dragIcon, -10, -10);

Well the code itself works, but the img is not shown while dragging

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What is enableGetMouseupEvent()? –  maenu Dec 29 '12 at 11:39
@maenu: it's a custom function which enables the onmouseup event. –  MJB Dec 29 '12 at 12:57
I tried running it without success in Chrome. For sure you should replace setDragImg with setDragImage according to the W3C spec, and you may need to append the drag image to the DOM. Anyway, HTML5 drag and drop is still a mess, it will be hard to get a cross-browser solution. –  maenu Dec 29 '12 at 13:39

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I hacked something together that works in Chrome, I didn't test it in any other browser. A demo is in this fiddle.

Two things are important:

  • an arbitrary element should have set draggable="true"
  • the image you want to show while dragging should be preloaded, otherwise it will not show the first time.
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