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I'm installing a Wordpress blog (www.mydomain.com/blog) on Windows servers (yes, yes,I know...) and I'm having some trouble understanding the folder permissions and I would like to be very clear about who-is-who and who I give permissions to do what. In a sense, I need to "translate" the Linux CHMOD numbers to my windows server installation.

Here goes: In a Linux server I can select permissions for the wp-admin folder (say) like so:

             Read   Write   Execute CHMOD
Owner           4         2        1    = 7
Group           4                  1    = 5
Public          4                  1    = 5

In Plesk I follow domains - mydomain.com - File Manager- wp-admin (lock symbol) - Advanced. I have this list:

Users                   Inherited from      Apply to
Administrators              ...com\httpdocs\    This folder, subfolders and files
SYSTEM                  ...com\httpdocs\    This folder, subfolders and files
Plesk IIS User (IUSR_oneuser)       ...com\httpdocs\    This folder and subfolders
Plesk IIS User (IUSR_oneuser)       ...com\httpdocs\    Files only
Plesk IIS WP User (IWAM_plesk(default)) ...com\httpdocs\    This folder and subfolders
Plesk IIS WP User (IWAM_plesk(default)) ...com\httpdocs\    Files only
Plesk FTP User (anotheruser)        ...com\httpdocs\    This folder and subfolders
Plesk FTP User (anotheruser)        ...com\httpdocs\    Files only
Plesk Domain User (oneuser)

(oneuser and anotheruser are two FTP accounts to access the site)

When I click on each item, the permission list activates allowing...

Full Control
Read Control
Write Control
Execute Control
Traverse Folder / Execute File
List Folder / Read Data
Create Files / Write Data
Create Folders / Append Data
Delete subfolders and Files
Change Permissions
Take Ownership

So, I have Read, Write and Execute but I guess that I would also need "Create Files" If I need to upload data (images/videos) onto my blog.

My question (as a Linux CHMOD translation) is:

  • Who is the "owner"? The administrator? The SYSTEM?
  • Who is "group"?
  • Who is "public"?

For example, I am told that wp-admin should be CHMOD 755 and wp-admin/index.php CHMOD 644. Which of the above items (type of user) do I click and what permissions do I give each one to achieve this?

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network service and iusr (anonymous access public grp) just set use the same permissions moving them based on the words and u will have it 'modify' is the write u need for the network service

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