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I have two arrays in a smarty template: $months and $contract.

{$months|var_dump} gets this:

array (size=12)
1 => string 'января' (length=12)
2 => string 'февраля' (length=14)
3 => string 'марта' (length=10)
4 => string 'апреля' (length=12)
5 => string 'мая' (length=6)
6 => string 'июня' (length=8)
7 => string 'июля' (length=8)
8 => string 'августа' (length=14)
9 => string 'сентября' (length=16)
10 => string 'октября' (length=14)
11 => string 'ноября' (length=12)
12 => string 'декабря' (length=14)

array values are russian names of months in genitive.

{$contract|var_dump} gets this

'date_till' => '1355518365' (length=10)

so I need to create a month number first from $contract.date_till. it is usually done like


And now the question is: how do I extract a month name from $months array by the month number made of $contract.date_till with date_format?

I've tried many variants described in smarty manuals, but noone works. For example, this one doesn't: {$months[{$contract.date_till|date_format:"%m"}]}

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{assign var=monthNo value=$contract.date_till|date_format:"%m"}

{$months.$monthNo} This will give u the month of the necessary date.

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Unlike english, in russian we have special "grammatical cases" of every noun in every use case in sentence. %B gives me the nominative case but I need the genitive one. That's why I decided to pass all needed cases to smarty via created manually array. –  turbo.exe Dec 27 '12 at 12:44
Then have a month array that has array("January"=>"Russian Equivalent") and so on till December and make it available to your smarty file. Then write {assign var=monthName value=$contract.till_date|date_format:"%B"} {$month.$monthName} should give the month in russian –  Vaishnavi GS Dec 27 '12 at 12:53
Please check the above answer, have edited it. –  Vaishnavi GS Dec 27 '12 at 13:06
Thank you, your variant works fine, but is too difficult to use it every single time I want to output a month name. Anyway, great thx for interest in my problem. –  turbo.exe Dec 27 '12 at 14:10
You can check your locale settings using locale -a in the server and check if russian language is installed, else install russian language. Write setlocale(LC_ALL, 'ru_RU') in your php file and your month names will display by itself in russian in your smarty file when {$contract.till_date|date_format:"%B"} is used. –  Vaishnavi GS Dec 27 '12 at 18:23

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