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I am using VS2010 and SVN as source control. I am facing an issue as if i am making any changes and go for show changes it is showing the whole file as changes.For example if i changes any world in my file it is showing all the file as changes. I am not able to sort it out. Please let me know if there are any setting(s) to overcome this issue.


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What tool are you using to show the differences? –  BrianC Dec 27 '12 at 13:10

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If you'll use GUI-differ, which can show line-ending differences in compared files, you'll see reason of your modification

You really must to check and change according to your needs svn:eol-style property:

  • It can some specific file(s) property, defined at the repository level
  • It can be global auto-property, defined in Subversion config for some (or all text/*) extensions

svn:eol-style = native or just missing this property is most safe way

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Check the following:

  1. Does your development environment and the original one use the same tab/spacing setting? In other words, do you both use tabs or spaces for indents? If so, standardize on a common setting across the project.
  2. Does your environment convert line endings automatically, such as from the Windows CR/LF to the Unix CR? It should not by default but settings may have been changed.
  3. Does the file use a different encoding mechanism? For example, was the original file in UTF8 but changed to UTF16 or similar? Once again, standardize on a common setting across the project.
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