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I'm a bit new to python and cannot figure out why my variable GTRed gets overwritten where indicated. As far as my understanding goes GTRed should stay untouched at that point. I'm aware that I can reduce the number of nested for loops by using something like 'for x,y in xygrid:', but that should not affect this.

Thank you very much indeed for any help.

Kind regards

GTN = 0
GTRed = [[0 for j in range(5)] for i in range(4)]
GTYH = [[0 for j in range(5)] for i in range(4)]
for jred in range(4):
    for ired in range(3):
        GTRed = [[0 for j in range(5)] for i in range(4)]
        for jyh in range(4):
            for iyh in range(2):
                GTYH = GTRed
                if GTYH[iyh][jyh]==0 and GTYH[iyh+1][jyh]==0:
                    print GTRed
                                        # The above line seems to somehow  affect GTRed
                    print GTRed
                    GameTable[GTN] = GTYH
                    GTN = GTN + 1
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The problem is in the line


These two variables point to the same list of lists.

a = [0,1,2]
b = a
b[1] = 100
print a # prints [0, 100, 2]

A solution (for a list of lists) would be

GTYH = [x[:] for x in GTRed]


import copy

GTYH = copy.deepcopy(GTRed)
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as the above poster said, the line GTYH = GTRed

tells GTYH to access the same list as referred to by GTRed

tou could try GTYH = GTRed[:]

this would create a new instance of the list

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GTRed is a list of lists. Simple GTRed would create a new list of the old lists. – eumiro Dec 27 '12 at 12:52
my bad.. should have read the code properly – Sam Sharp Dec 27 '12 at 13:09

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