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I have this string "SP-CTe-10-10-2012". SQL insertion gives this error "string or binary would be truncated, "

I have tried this :

string verapli1 = _infProt_verAplic.ToString();
string verapli2 =verapli1.Substring (verapli1.Length ,20);

to reduce the length of the string but this code has the error too.

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What is the column width, of this field in your database? – Dave Bish Dec 27 '12 at 12:50
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Your column string length is lower than your string length.

Increase datatype length (try changing the column type to varchar(20)) or decrease length of value before insertion.

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That is a SQL Server error - means your string won't fit in the field you're trying to insert it in. BTW don't store dates as strings - that's bad design.

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IT should be,

string verapli1 = _infProt_verAplic.ToString();
if(verapli1.Length > 20)
verapli1 =verapli1.Substring (0,20);
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Problem is SQL lenght of the column nvarchar(15), when i write the procedure i assign to variabel

             alter proc probandodata (@dhre nvarchar(30))as
             insert into ctrc5 (veraplic,numero)

I only adjust dhre to nvarchar to @dhre nvarchar(15) and works fine. ThansK.

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