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I have a GridView in ASP.net which is filled from an SqlDataSource.

one of the columns in the DB table is a Datetime which is set to 30/04/2009, when i show the grid view in asp it appears as 30/04/2009.(which is fine)

however when I hit edit on the row in the grid view, and then hit update without changing the date I get an SQL error which says essentially that the date format is wrong. This is because it thinks that the 30 is refering to the month rather than the day.

I have tried resolving this by setting the <%@ Page uiCulture="en-gb" culture="en-gb" %>

but with no effect.

any ideas?

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What is the update parameter's type? (DateTime, string, or undeclared?) –  Jeff Sternal Sep 10 '09 at 16:55

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When date is bound to GridView, it is already a String and no more a DateTime. I suggest you set the DataFormatString of the column to {0:d}, which will display the date based on the page UI.

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most probably it is not page's culture but culture settings in SQL Server that are causing problems.

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but it seems to work fine in the db, for example i can add a date 30/04/09 to the column in the database but i cant add 04/30/09 –  Jambobond Sep 10 '09 at 14:54

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