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Got a bunch of UIButtons, some of which need to change colour depending on circumstance, and currently it is handled like thus:

UIButton *button;
button = [self.view viewWithTag:positionInArray];
[button setBackgroundColor:[UIColor cyanColor]];
button = [self.view viewWithTag:positionInArray-1];
[button setBackgroundColor:[UIColor cyanColor]];
button = [self.view viewWithTag:positionInArray+3];
[button setBackgroundColor:[UIColor cyanColor]]
button = [self.view viewWithTag:positionInArray+4];
[button setBackgroundColor:[UIColor cyanColor]];

It works, but the code that sets a button to a tag throws this warning:

"Incompatible pointer types initializing 'UIButton *__strong' with an expression of type 'UIView *'"

How would I go about doing this correctly?

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You can cast to (UIButton *) but it still looks like it could be done in a nicer way. –  Stavash Dec 27 '12 at 14:23
How would I do that? I've never dabbled in this before and a solution that doesn't throw a warning is at least better than one that does, even if it isn't pretty. –  William Robinson Dec 27 '12 at 14:26

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You need to cast your UIViews to UIButtons like this:

button = (UIButton *)[self.view viewWithTag:positionInArray];

It is best though to verify that your views are actually buttons by doing something like:

UIView *button = [self.view viewWithTag:positionInArray];
if ([button isKindOfClass[UIButton class]] {
    [button setBackgroundColor:[UIColor cyanColor]]; 

In this example there is no need to caste to UIButton because UIViews have this method too. You would just want the if-statement if you only wanted to change UIButton's colors.

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Downcasting alternative

viewWithTag: returns a UIView, but it may point to a whatever subclass of UIView object.
Since polymorphism is valid, and the messaging is dynamic, you can just do that:

UIView *button;
button = [self.view viewWithTag:positionInArray];
[button setBackgroundColor:[UIColor cyanColor]];

You inherit the backgroundColor from UIView, so there isn't any problem.
However you can always use the type id, which is a kind of "jolly".

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The problem is that viewWithTag: returns a UIView because it can be of any subclass of UIView, including UIButton.

This is design dependent, if you don't have any other subview that has this tag, then you should simply cast the result to a UIButton like the other answers and be done with it :)

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The issue is, that viewWithTag: may return any subclass of UIView. If you know that it will return a UIButton for sure you can cast it like this:

button = (UIButton *)[self.view viewWithTag:positionInArray];

This will hide the warning, but may produce unexpected result when the view isn't a button! A nicer solution would be to check if the returned UIView subclass is a UIButton:

UIView *view = [self.view viewWithTag:positionInArray];
if ([view isKindOfClass:[UIButton class]]) {
   button = (UIButton *)view;
   [button setBackgroundColor:[UIColor cyanColor]];
} else {
   NSLog(@"Ooops, something went wrong! View is not a kind of UIButton.");
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