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I'm indexing an array of key value pairs. The key is always a UUID and the value is a user entered value. I've been crawling through the documentation but I can't figure out exactly how to query in this scenarioExample schema:

  "id": 1,
  "owner_id": 1,
  "values": [
    { "key": "k3kfa23rewf", "value": "the red card" },
    { "key": "23a2dd23108", "value": "purple balloons" },
  "id": 2,
  "owner_id": 1,
  "values": [
    { "key": "k3kfa23rewf", "value": "the blue card" },
    { "key": "23a2dd23108", "value": "purple balloons" },

I would like to query:

{ "term": { "owner_id": 1 },
{ "term": { "values.key": "23a2dd23108" }, "match": { "values.value": "purple" } },
{ "term": { "values.key": "k3kfa23rewf" }, "match": { "values.value": "blue" } }

So that the record with ID 2 is returned. Any suggestions?

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I think that you need here to use nested documents.

That way, you will be able to create BoolQueries, with a Must clause with a TermQuery on owner_id and two must clauses with nested queries with Term and Match queries on values.key and values.value.

Does it help?

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Can you please help me with this question? Thanks – abi1964 Jul 15 '14 at 6:59

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