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I've decided to go with a simplex noise instead of Perlin noise. This is the noise implementation I've ported from Java to C#: SimplexNoise

Smooth Perlin noise Smooth Unity Perlin noise

Jagged Simplex noiseJagged Simplex noise

How can I make the simplex noise look more "smooth", just like Unity's Perlin noise? Blur is one solution, but is there an easier way to tweak some parameter of simplex noise? I want my simplex noise to look similar to Perlin noise.

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Your simplex noise looks wrong: I suspect you haven't normalised it into the (0,1) range, so some of the noise is getting truncated to zero.

They should look pretty similar, see the images on this page:

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I was able to fix it. You were right, the returned noise was in range [-1;1], what I had to do is noise = (noise + 1.0f) * .5f; – Ilya Suzdalnitski Dec 28 '12 at 5:10

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