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This may seem like a trivial issue, but I can't seem to find the answer anywhere (this may because Rails frowns upon what I am doing).

I am using Sidekiq to handle background tasks (such as image processing, uploading, etc), and one they are finished I want to redirect the current page to another, or even better render out a partial.

My current code in the perform method looks something like this:

def perform(entry_id)
        @entry = Entry.find(entry_id)
        #Create, upload image, all stored in @file when complete

        if @file.save
            #render will go here
            raise @file.inspect

So, I have tried several methods to do this such as:

render 'entry/new'


render :partial => 'entry/partial'


redirect_to @entry, notice: 'File Uploaded'

I even tried this horrible hack:


# Called after the background task is completed
def self.done_loading(entry_id)
  @entry = Entry.find(entry_id)



What am I doing wrong?

References (stuff I looked up): When to use render vs redirect_to when handling error validations



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For those down voting his answer at least give an explanation why he's down voting.

Also, if you want to redirect/render after a background job is done you could use callbacks but you should re-think about doing this. To the user, they will have uploaded an image but since you are sending it to a background job you don't have a specific time-frame of when they will be executed. What if the job takes 2-5minutes to execute? The user will get redirected after 5 minutes?

I know this might not be an answer you are looking for but it is better than a down vote without an explanation.

Also, if you are doing uploads and processing of images you should take a look into

jQuery File Uploads

Railscasts #381 jQuery File Upload

Railscasts #383 Uploading to Amazon S3

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The reason why I am doing a background job is because it is going to be hosted on Heroku (which pretty explicitly tells you to run uploading as a background process). I don't exactly love the way it is all laid out at the moment, but for now the user would have a nice little loader .gif to keep them occupied and know that it is processing. I wanted to render out a partial so that it would update with the background task (done processing... now loading... etc.) I have looked at those two railscasts, and have used the jQuery file uploader before, they are good, but i am trying to use sidekiq. –  user1470511 Dec 27 '12 at 15:46
Which is a bit different, and I am just trying to work with paperclip as well. Overall, a little different, and in the end because it is a bit against the "rules of rails" it might not work. Figured I would try here before I went and re-factored everything though. –  user1470511 Dec 27 '12 at 15:48

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