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I recently "migrated" my azure application to Windows8. I'm getting some weird DataServiceRequestException when adding an object with AddObject() and calling SaveChanges() (immediately after or later in the code). From what I could tell it's related to the object having a string that ends in space. Having fiddled around with Fiddler I found that the XML sent to the storage looks like this:

 <d:Remarks xmlns:space="preserve">Karangetang </d:Remarks>

I also then tried using UpdateObject() to just change to object to a sub-string of the actual string I wanted. Only those strings that ended in space trowed an exception, even if the string contained double spaces elsewhere.

Note that this error happens only in the emulator and doesn't happen on the deployed app (although I haven't redeployed it after going to VS12).

So, why is this happening ?

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I noticed that you have a trailing white space. I believe it's a known issue with storage emulator. Please check this thread on SO: stackoverflow.com/questions/13310296/…. HTH. –  Gaurav Mantri Dec 27 '12 at 16:47

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