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I have some WPF Client to RIA Services.

That Client periodicaly does requests and it updates the LastActivity field (DateTime) in the database. (In fact It updates this filed every 10 seconds.)

Now I have to detect that this application works N time interval so I can stop it.

Is it possible to implement using only one filed or I have to add some extra methods/code/DB fields? Or even I have to create some Windows Service that checks this field and etc?

Thank you for any advice!

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You will definately need something more - simplest solution i see is adding another column for example ActivityTimeInSeconds

Then after services recieves update request you do this(semi-pseudo):

Dim ddiff as integer = DateDiff(DateInterval.Second,LastActivityField,Now)
If ddiff<20 then ''// if 20seconds not passed since last update recieved
   ActivityTimeInSeconds+=ddiff ''//add interval from last update to 
   ActivityTimeInSeconds=0 ''//reset this if itivity was longer before this request
End If
LastActivityField = Now
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