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I've been searching through for a device with screen size (width or height) greater than GL_MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE. I've found over a hundred devices with GL_MAX_VIEWPORT_WIDTH and GL_MAX_VIEWPORT_HEIGHT greater than GL_MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE (for example Acer A110), but no device with screen size greater than GL_MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE. So I assume there is no such device.

Is there any specification that guarantees that every device (or Android device) has screen size less or equal to GL_MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE? If not, is there any device that breaks my assumption?

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You can be sure that GL_MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE will be always bigger or equal to the screen size (SurfaceFlinger requires this)

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Thanks! This is what I was looking for. For those who are interested: the requirement mentioned above is in the function SurfaceFlinger::renderScreenToTextureLocked, which appeared in Android 2.3. – user1871166 Dec 28 '12 at 11:51

Maybe with newest devices with screen sizes over 2k pixels wide you may find that, but hardware vendors would not put a mobile GPU that is not capable of doing offscreen rendering to a texture target because the max texture size is smaller than the device screen. For old devices with smaller GL_MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE, the screen were also smaller than 1024x1024.

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