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I had met a basic problem that i want to show specific ‘account’ not all account data from database.

Just like the pic Here, If the user’s account is 'chiquitta'

When user need to edit her account setting

It should only show her account information not all of the account information from database.

I had try to solve this problem but it still show all account ~ Did I miss something?

[my controller]

function index($id = false)
  $data['page_title'] = lang('admins');
  $data['admins']  = $this->auth->get_admin_specific($id);
  $this->load->view($this->config->item('admin_folder').'/admins', $data);

[my model]

function get_admin_specific($id)

  if ($id)
  $this->CI->db->where('id', $id);

  $result = $this->CI->db->get('admin');
  $result = $result->result();

  return $result;

[my view]

<?php foreach ($admins as $admin):?>
<?php echo $admin->account; ?>
<?php endforeach; ?> 
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Hi what do you mean with 'It should only show her account information not all of the account information from database.'? Some fields?

Well if you want to take data form a single user you can do it like this

function get_id($where){
    return $this->db->get($this->_table)->row();

Set your custom array for $where so it search the only row with the id you are looking. Then in your controller:

$data['result'] = $this->your_model->get_id(array('id'=>$id));
$this->load->view('youview', $data);

Then you can access your data within your view with:

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My problem is that I don't know how to pass the id through the url for the user I want to display. I want to display the current account , not like a super admin can see all of the account. –  chiquitta Dec 28 '12 at 2:18
You can pass the id throught the url inside a link then when the user click that link you can get the id by the segment of the uri. For example lets say you have url like this: mysite.com/edit_profile/7 so $this->uri->segment(2) will give you '7'. Also you may use sessions. When the user log in you set the user_id inside session then you can get more control about what users can do. I hope I've explained well...sorry my english! –  John Busca Longe Dec 28 '12 at 9:20

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