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Any suggestions about the meaning of this symbol in Ocaml Lwt:

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See api manual:

val bind : 'a t -> ('a -> 'b t) -> 'b t

bind t f is a thread which first waits for the thread t to terminate and then, if the thread succeeds, behaves as the application of function f to the return value of t. If the thread t fails, bind t f also fails, with the same exception.

t >>= f is an alternative notation for bind t f.

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I've had some good results with the symbolhound search engine, but this particular query has mixed results

ocaml API search doesn't cover this query

background info:

Q: "When will there be hoogle like search engine/API reference for ocaml (or for scala, i.e. search by type signature and search "symbolic operators"

A: Soon

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