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I'd like to start a pet project to get a better understanding about CMSes (content management systems) and ECM (enterprise content management). To this end, I'd like to design and implement a content repository of my own.

So, I'm not currently interested in literature of specific CMSes, but the lower layer of a CMS which is often referred to as content repository.

I started by searching for some literature about this on Google, but all I found was some documentation on existing properitary solutions. I didn't find any meaningful articles on how to design a content repository or what kind of criteria a content repository should meet.

Can someone please suggest some good reading on this subject?

Thanks in advance!

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This is an area I'm beginning to look into myself. There are a few projects that exists which might help you find out more.

Jackrabbit is developed by Apache and based on the Java JSR 170

Midgard Project don't know much about this project but it seems quite interesting and probably has a lot of information for you to work with.

Overall it might be a good idea to use a CR, so how they work before launching into designing one.

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