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I'm building a gwt app with gmaps. When I call a service in a button click, the console in eclipse shows me the following: PS: The service is only for testing purposes. I've not implemented the real service!

[WARN] 404 - POST /findmeagasstationweb/inserirpostorpc ( 1422 bytes
Request headers
  User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:17.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/17.0
  Accept: text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,*/*;q=0.8
  Accept-Language: pt-pt,pt;q=0.8,en;q=0.5,en-us;q=0.3
  Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate
  Connection: keep-alive
  X-GWT-Permutation: HostedMode
  Content-Type: text/x-gwt-rpc; charset=utf-8
  Content-Length: 225
  Pragma: no-cache
  Cache-Control: no-cache
  Response headers
  Content-Type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1
  Content-Length: 1422

The following code of my app:

Defined Servlets

<!-- Servlets -->


Class FindMeAGasStationWeb

package com.pz.findmeagasstationweb.client;
//imports are omitted 

public class FindMeAGasStationWeb implements EntryPoint {

   Label latLabel = new Label("Latitude");
   TextBox latBox = new TextBox();

   Label longLabel = new Label("Longitude");
   TextBox longBox = new TextBox();

   Label nameLabel = new Label("Nome do Posto");
   TextBox nameBox = new TextBox();

   Label descLabel = new Label("Descricao");
   TextBox descBox = new TextBox();

   Label sc95Label = new Label("Preco Gasolina 95");
   TextBox sc95Box = new TextBox();

   Label sc98Label = new Label("Preco Gasolina 98");
   TextBox sc98Box = new TextBox();

   Label gasoleoLabel = new Label("Preco Gasoleo");
   TextBox gasoleoBox = new TextBox();

   Button inserir = new Button("Inserir Posto");

   Grid grid = new Grid(2, 8);

   public int controlo;

public void onModuleLoad() {

    final AsyncCallback<String> callback = new AsyncCallback<String>(){
        public void onFailure(Throwable caught){
            Window.alert("Falha a inserir os dados."+caught);


        public void onSuccess(String result){

    grid.setWidget(0, 0, latLabel);
    grid.setWidget(0, 1, latBox);
    grid.setWidget(1, 0, longLabel);
    grid.setWidget(1,  1, longBox);
    grid.setWidget(0, 2, nameLabel);
    grid.setWidget(0, 3, nameBox);
    grid.setWidget(1, 2, descLabel);
    grid.setWidget(1, 3, descBox);
    grid.setWidget(0, 4, sc95Label);
    grid.setWidget(0, 5, sc95Box);
    grid.setWidget(1, 4, sc98Label);
    grid.setWidget(1, 5, sc98Box);
    grid.setWidget(0, 6, gasoleoLabel);
    grid.setWidget(0, 7, gasoleoBox);
    grid.setWidget(1, 7, inserir);



    inserir.addClickHandler(new ClickHandler() {
       public void onClick(ClickEvent event) {

           //.inserirPosto(latBox.getText(), longBox.getText(), nameBox.getText(),     descBox.getText(), 
               InsereNovoPostoAsync getServico = (InsereNovoPostoAsync)     GWT.create(InsereNovoPosto.class);
               ServiceDefTarget serviceDef = (ServiceDefTarget) getServico;
                        + "inserirpostorpc");
               getServico.inserirPosto("1","2", "a", "b", "1", "2", "3",     callback);

           catch(Exception ex){
           //getServico().inserirPosto(latBox.getText(), longBox.getText(),     nameBox.getText(), descBox.getText(), sc95Box.getText(), sc98Box.getText(),     gasoleoBox.getText(), callback);
          (latBox.getText(), longBox.getText(), nameBox.getText(),
                   descBox.getText(), sc95Box.getText(), sc98Box.getText(), 
                   gasoleoBox.getText(), callback);

                new Label("Thanks for your submission."));
          Window.alert("Submit name=" + nameBox.getText()
                + "\naddress=" + addrBox.getText() + "\nphone="
                + phoneBox.getText());*/

    MapWidget mapWiget = new MapWidget(LatLng.newInstance(48.136559, 11.576318), 13);
    mapWiget.setSize("1024px", "500px");
    mapWiget.addControl(new SmallMapControl());
    mapWiget.addControl(new MapTypeControl());
    mapWiget.addMapClickHandler(new MapClickHandler() {
      public void onClick(MapClickEvent e) {
        MapWidget sender = e.getSender();
        Overlay overlay = e.getOverlay();
        LatLng point = e.getLatLng();
        if (overlay != null && overlay instanceof Marker) {
          controlo = 0;
        } else {
                String a[] = point.toString().split(",");
                String b = a[0].toString();
                b = b.substring(1);
                String c = a[1].toString();
                c = c.substring(0, c.length()-1);
                sender.addOverlay(new Marker(point));


Service: InsereNovoPosto

package com.pz.findmeagasstationweb.client;


public interface InsereNovoPosto extends RemoteService {
public String inserirPosto(String lat, String longi, String nome, 
        String descricao, String sc95, String sc98, String gasoleo);


package com.pz.findmeagasstationweb.client;


public interface InsereNovoPostoAsync {
public void inserirPosto(String lat, String longi, String nome, 
        String descricao, String sc95, String sc98, String gasoleo,     AsyncCallback<String> callback);


package com.pz.findmeagasstationweb.server;

import com.pz.findmeagasstationweb.client.InsereNovoPosto;

public class InsereNovoPostoImpl extends RemoteServiceServlet implements InsereNovoPosto {

public String inserirPosto(String lat, String longi, String nome,
        String descricao, String sc95, String sc98, String gasoleo) {
    return nome;


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
When updating your version of GWT, you should also update this DTD reference,
so that your app can take advantage of the latest GWT module capabilities.
<!DOCTYPE module PUBLIC "-//Google Inc.//DTD Google Web Toolkit 2.5.0//EN"
<module rename-to='findmeagasstationweb'>
<!-- Inherit the core Web Toolkit stuff.                        -->
<inherits name=''/>

<!-- Inherit the default GWT style sheet.  You can change       -->
<!-- the theme of your GWT application by uncommenting          -->
<!-- any one of the following lines.                            -->
<inherits name=''/>
<!-- <inherits name=''/> -->
<!-- <inherits name=''/> -->
<!-- <inherits name=''/>     -->

<!-- Other module inherits                                      -->
<inherits name=''/>
<script src=';file=api&amp;v=2' />

<!-- Specify the app entry point class.                         -->
<entry-point class='com.pz.findmeagasstationweb.client.FindMeAGasStationWeb'/>

<!-- Specify the paths for translatable code                    -->
<source path='client'/>
<source path='shared'/>


Any idea what's going wrong? Any help would be great... Thanks in advanced, and sorry for my bad english !

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Stackoveflow usage 101 - Only update the question or comment on the answer. Do no post "updates"/"clarification" as answer. Using the Firefox with Firebug console "Observe" the request url being sent to your server update your question with the same information/image. – SSR Jan 7 '13 at 4:56

It is url pattern problem in web.xml, Please change it.


To call RPC, you have written code like

                        + "inserirpostorpc");

Here GWT.getModuleBaseURL() is "project module name" + inserirpostorpc.

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You have mismatch w.r.t to url to which you are making the RPC request.

1) Your URL pattern in your rpc creation

                        + "inserirpostorpc");


2) Your URL pattern in web.xml


You can change either of them to avoid the 404 error. Drop the GWT.getModuleBaseURL() or change URL pattern in web.xml to have /findmeagasstationweb/inserirpostorpc/

Just maintain uniformity across all rpc creation and web.xml mapping.

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Here the complete login rpc :


private final String loginRpc="loginrpc";
private final LoginServiceAsync loginService = GWT.create(LoginService.class);
((ServiceDefTarget) loginService).setServiceEntryPoint(loginRpc);

                new AsyncCallback<obj>() {

                    public void onFailure(Throwable caught) {

                    public void onSuccess(Object obj) { 



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