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I'm using Powershell to get a list of files stored on a server. After all was said and done, I did a comparison using Windows Properties. I'm noticing a discrepancy between the amount of files. What could this be due to?

Here is the code I used - it came back with 70453 rows/files

Get-ChildItem  \\server\share -recurse | Where {!$_.PsIsContainer} | 
Select-Object Directory, Name, Length, CreationTime, LastWriteTime | 
ConvertTo-Csv | Tee -FilePath "H:\CSV - All Files\AllFiles.csv" | ConvertFrom-Csv

When I did the Windows Properties on the share, it came back with 72308 files (12,589 folders)

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system file might be filter with Powershell –  Hiten004 Dec 27 '12 at 16:29
I think that was it! After googling how to fix it, I found the -force command. It came up with the correct number. –  User_1403834 Dec 27 '12 at 16:51

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I ran the same code as above, but adding the -force command (after googling how to search for system files using Powershell). The numbers match up.

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