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I have a lot of files like:

Post - something_is_here1.rb
Post - something_is_here100.rb

I'd want to rename them to:

Article - something_is_here1.rb
Article - something_is_here100.rb

I don't want to hg rename each file maually. How can I do it?

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You can't do this with just Mercurial.

Instead, you could use a small shell script:

for f in Post*; do
    hg mv "$f" "Article${f#Post}"

Alternatively, you could rename the file some other way, then use hg addremove, which will detect the renames if the files are identical.

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You can't do it in Mercurial, but you can perform it with any external tool and in one Mercurial command without shell-script

  • Rename files, using needed pattern, with any 3-party tools
  • Apply to Working copy hg addremove --similarity 100 (-s|--similarity will detect pure rename from step 1)
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