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I want to adapt two small things on the Id's of RavenDB, so I execute the following code:

documentStore.Conventions.FindIdentityProperty = (prop) => prop.Name == "ID";
documentStore.Conventions.DocumentKeyGenerator = (entity) => entity.GetType().FullName + "/";

But these lines of code only work if the other line is not enabled, I can't get both to work together.

Is this possible at all?


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I tested your code exactly as you provided and it works in RavenDB 1.0.992. I think you are using an older version.

Really though, you should be customizing the FindTypeTagName convention instead of DocumentKeyGenerator.

documentStore.Conventions.FindIdentityProperty = prop => prop.Name == "ID";
documentStore.Conventions.FindTypeTagName = type => type.FullName;
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Interesting, but that worked in my current version. Thanks a lot! – Klaus Stefan Gerber Dec 28 '12 at 12:17

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