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will appreciate any pointers here.

  • I am creating a Solution that have multiple Projects.
  • The solution have various class libraries that I create (libCore, libApplication, libUser).
  • One project in the Solution is webApplication-A that will dynamically compile some VB.Net codes (input from user).

Problem: I cannot figure out how to add the assembly of one of my library to be used by the dynamic code, in this case libUser.dll.

  • I have already added libUser as a reference to the webApplication-A project (which is compiling the code).
  • I can see that libUser.dll is in the project's Bin directory.

Dim voCompiler As New Microsoft.VisualBasic.VBCodeProvider
Dim voCompilerParams As New System.CodeDom.Compiler.CompilerParameters

voCompilerParams.ReferencedAssemblies.Add("libUser.dll") '<<=== Cannot load this assembly
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Beware that you are probably creating a giant security hole. – SLaks Dec 27 '12 at 18:29
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You need to pass the full path to the assembly:

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Ahh... the full path. How dumb of me :) In this case: voCompilerParams.ReferencedAssemblies.Add( Server.Mappath("Bin\libUser.dll")) – Joseph Lee Dec 27 '12 at 18:33
@JosephLee: My way is better; it means you don't need to update that if you rename the assembly. – SLaks Dec 27 '12 at 18:37

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