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This worked less than a month ago. Has something changed? (simple sample added):


PeakName Elevation
Marcy      5344
Marcy      5344
Marcy      5344
Marcy      5344
Marcy      5344
Marcy      5344
Marcy      5344
Algonquin      5114
Algonquin      5114
Algonquin      5114

> require(plyr)
Loading required package: plyr
> adk.need.fr.round.6 <- ddply(adk47sample, .(PeakName, Elevation),
+   summarize, needThese=if(length(PeakName) < 6) "needThis")

Error in class(output[[var]]) <- class(value) : 
  attempt to set an attribute on NULL

For this simple example I expected:

> adk.need.fr.round.6
      PeakName     Elevation needThese
1     Algonquin      5114     needThis
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Difficult to say without a reproducible example. Try adding an else clause to your if. –  joran Dec 27 '12 at 18:38
plyr has been updated recently ... reproducible example please tinyurl.com/reproducible-000 ? –  Ben Bolker Dec 27 '12 at 18:38

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It works for me with plyr version 1.8 if I give an else result of character(0) as @joran suggests (with else NULL it gives the same error):

adk.need.fr.round.6 <- ddply(adk47sample, 
.(PeakName, Elevation),summarize, 
  needThese=if(length(PeakName) < 6) "needThis" else character(0))
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Wow! Thanks everyone. Adding "else" as suggested by joran and as implemented by Ben does the trick. So - I had been using the original code for two months now. I also used that "if" syntax on more serious data analyses I was doing about 5 months ago, so your collective help is greatly appreciated!! –  WGray Dec 27 '12 at 22:32

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