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I am wondering how I should structure the front-end of my Express.js project.

I haven't done much with Grunt before, but I understand that it performs tasks such as compiling, and then saves the result.

Currently, my Express.js project looks like this:


Any files inside of /public are static and served as such by the Node app. So, do I initialise Yeoman/Brunt inside of here, or should I store my source outside of the document root, and instead just have it compile to /public? If so, where would you recommend the source?

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If you will init brunch project, it’s recommended to do it outside public dir and make it compile stuff to public dir. You can integrate brunch with express: start your express server with brunch watch --server quite simply:

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The Yeoman team have setup an express dedicated project which answers this question in the form of back-end generators.

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